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● Broadcaster

● Entrepreneur 

● Motivational Speaker


  The journey for radio executive, talk show host, voice actor, and entrepreneur, Dennis Snipe started as a nine - year old child who visited a radio station located in the south suburbs of Chicago.


 Today, Dennis is the Station Manager/Assistant Director of Operations at 89.3 WKKC - FM “The Official Radio Station of the City Colleges of Chicago,” where Dennis spends a large amount of time encouraging and instructing students who are part of the Media Communications Program, which Dennis, along with radio guru, Abe Thompson, was instrumental in designing. 


 Each week, Dennis hosts and produces a weekly community – oriented talk program on 89.3 WKKC – FM, “FOCUSTALK” with Dennis Snipe. The show concentrates on topics of interest to listeners all over Chicago. Dennis has conducted interviews and discussions on politics, religion, education, entertainment, human interest and personal development stories. Local and national guests included newsmakers such as former vice-president & Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore, politician Roland Burris, news commentator Ed Gordon, local talk show host Cliff Kelley, actor/director Robert Townsend, writer Omar Tyree, musician Branford Marsalis, activist Kevin Powell and motivational speaker Willie Jolley.


 Dennis has voiced numerous commercials for radio, political telephone messaging, TV, radio imaging, voice systems and business presentations.  As a voice actor Dennis adds, State Farm, Subway, Wendy’s, UNCF and City Colleges of Chicago to his portfolio.


 Dennis is also the President of Jackrabbit’s Pastries & Fine Baked Goods, a company whose signature Gourmet Banana Pudding – an absolute delight – is sold at Chicago land restaurants.


 Dennis serves as the Executive Pastor for Higher Ground Community Church in Calumet City, Illinois, serves as a board member for Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago, Inc., ART-R Open Hands Ministry and Director of Communications for SUPPORT LIFE, a Chicago based organization dedicated to providing financial assistance to those with Cancer and related illnesses.  Dennis also serves as an executive board member for Claudia and Eddie’s Place NFP, an organization committed to providing assistance to recovering women based in the southern suburbs.


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